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Centralized Library System was established in 1976 and had passed a hard way of formation and development. For the period of the creation of Centralized Library System, it had 30 branches, including 5-children, 1- Youth, 15-serving adults and children. In 1995, the CLS logged another 13 rural libraries in Zhana-Semey region.
During the optimization years, 26 city branches had been removed, including all children and 12 rural one. Funds of closed libraries were donated to the urban and rural school libraries, orphanages and military units. Central City Library, 3 city branches and a branch in the village Shulbinsk not only took over the closed library service for readers, but also implemented in the practice paid services for the purchase of new books and looked for additional sources of funding from sponsors, international donors.
Centralized Library System cooperates with many institutions and public organizations of the city.
Objective: To ensure access to knowledge, various kinds of information to meet the needs of readers, to develop their personalities, continuing education, integration into the socio-cultural environment through reading.
•• Formation of legal culture of readers, citizenship and patriotism.
•• promotion the reader's interest in Kazakhstan's history, local history.
•• An introduction of artistic traditions, folk culture to readers
•• Implementation of educational
functions to revive culture.
•• Promotion of healthy lifestyles.
•• Advertising library and its activities.
•• The introduction of new technologies.
Our achievements:
•• The close cooperation with the media
•• The joint action with the TV «Give the library a book»
•• Creative Union «Raduga»
•• Holding Book Fair in the city level
•• Cooperation with educational and social institutions
•• Creation Information Center for
Economics and Law (2001)
•• Opening of Children and Youth Library (2003)
•• The opening of a branch in the village of Cement (2004)
•• The opening of the department of new information technologies (2005)
•• Opening of development and methodical work department
•• Division of separate departments: Information and Bibliographic Department and the Department of completing and processing of literature
Readers' clubs in the CLS:
•• «Umka» - moral and aesthetic club
•• «Pochemuchka» - the club of the
curious kids
•• «Under the arches of shanyrak» - the study of our land, history, flora and fauna
•• «Shipager» - a healthy lifestyle
•• «Zhuldyz» - the union of talented children
•• «Orpheus» - music room
•• «Merey» - Local History Club
•• «Erudite» - for the intellectual youth
•• «Ulagat» - club of Kazakh literature
•• «Atameken» - local history information and educational club
Club for Women
•• «Communication»

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